I’m starting to cope with the emptiness that comes with going thru a breakup, In many ways I’ve turned off my emotions. I don’t feel anything, but I guess thats a good thing thou the consistent “whats wrong” or “You seem off”, gets annoying… Even worse is the “Oh your boyfriend” in a group conversation in class, because I don’t want to admit to the world were not in fact together I just don’t want people to pity me or some bullshit. I’m just focused on school, and going to sleep on time. This weekend I’m just going to make my reconstructed/recycled garment for a runway show in September, I’m focusing myself 100%. I’m not sad thou, just numb, emotionally anorexic.

Jordan Parrish in Perishable.


Teen Wolf 4x10 “Monstrous” Sneak Peek (1080p HD)

3x23 | 4x09

Lydia’s loved ones using their last words to make sure she’s ok.

Deputy Jordan Parrish in “Perishable”

kingmebaby asked:
I miss you come hang out with me at my apartment sometime!!

Let’s do it 😝

I’ve been singing my heart out for the last 2 days. This numbness continues to manipulate the emptiness in the pit of my stomach, but at least I am finally sleeping. I feel a little numb, but honestly I just wish I didn’t have all this static in my brain. I can’t think straight, and I hate not being in control. Also I find it troubling that all of the breakup songs that meant nothing to me before suddenly at the top of my playlists.