The signs as drugs


Aries : PCP

Taurus : Cannabis

Gemini : Mushrooms

Cancer : Ketamine

Leo : Cocaine

Virgo : Crystal Meth

Libra : Opium

Scorpio : Heroin

Sagittarius : Speed

Capricorn : Peyote

Aquarius : Ecstasy

Pisces : LSD

The Zodiacs Apoligizing


Aries: Pft fuck you, I regret nothing

Taurus: I… I am so sorry… Would you feel better if I bought you lunch?

Gemini: I said I was sorry; Are you gonna forgive me or what

Cancer: I… *intense crying* I… I am so…… PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!

Leo: Now… We all know who should really be apologizing…

I haven’t been open about how I really feel, I’m scared that if I talk about it. I’m going to just let it all out and then I won’t be able to stop crying… & it’ll consume me. I just wish I didn’t feel so alone, I wish I had a support system,

Somedays I just want to cry my eyes out.

I’m starting to cope with the emptiness that comes with going thru a breakup, In many ways I’ve turned off my emotions. I don’t feel anything, but I guess thats a good thing thou the consistent “whats wrong” or “You seem off”, gets annoying… Even worse is the “Oh your boyfriend” in a group conversation in class, because I don’t want to admit to the world were not in fact together I just don’t want people to pity me or some bullshit. I’m just focused on school, and going to sleep on time. This weekend I’m just going to make my reconstructed/recycled garment for a runway show in September, I’m focusing myself 100%. I’m not sad thou, just numb, emotionally anorexic.

Jordan Parrish in Perishable.


Teen Wolf 4x10 “Monstrous” Sneak Peek (1080p HD)